GGB 2023 Date & 2022 Stats

We are excited to announce that The Great Give Back 2023 will take place on Saturday, October 21, 2023! As always, libraries will be able to participate on whatever day works for their community and also can include long term events, but the bulk of events will be taking place on that Saturday. Looking back

Libraries Give Back

We asked you to give back, and boy did you deliver! Libraries all around the state hosted (and continue to host!) service events, from donation drives to community cleanups to pet adoption events and more. Thank you to everyone who participated in a GGB event for helping recognize that libraries live at the heart of

Let’s Give Back!

The Great Give Back is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! Over 280 libraries have joined for our 2022 GGB season, and more are signing up and sending in events every day. Many libraries have donation drives and other long-term events that have already begun! Don’t know where you should go

Thank You for Giving Back!

From the bottom of our hearts, the biggest THANK YOU possible to all the libraries who joined TGGB 2021, and all the community members who turned out at events, whether they were in person or virtual, to help each other and make New York State a better place! To celebrate all your beautiful work, we’ll

Let’s Give Back Today!

It’s finally here! This year for The Great Give Back 2021, we are thrilled to share that over 250 libraries around New York State have committed to giving back with and for their communities. Today and all month long, libraries are hosting donation drives, putting together care kits, cleaning up their communities, and more! We

The Great Give Back is One Month Away!

September is flying by, and as of today The Great Give Back is just a month away! Over 200 libraries have already signed up to help their communities give back – wow! Find somewhere to join in by going to “Find a Participating Library” in the menu and clicking on your county in list view

The Great Give Back 2020 Is Coming!

2020 has been a year like no other. We have faced many new challenges, but one of the things we’ve learned is how important an active and supportive community can be when the going is toughest, especially for those already struggling. That’s why this year, The Great Give Back is more important than ever. Your


Thank you to everyone across New York State who made The Great Give Back a success in 2019! We are adding photos to the Photos tab above all the time, so check back often to look for your library. We’ll be sharing statistics about this year’s successes over the next few weeks as well. We