The Great Give Back 2021 By the Numbers

In 2021, 263 libraries throughout New York State participated in The Great Give Back – WOW! Click through to read more about how libraries gave back last year!

263: Throughout the state of New York, 263 libraries representing fifteen systems participated in The Great Give Back on Saturday, October 16th.

3,000: Over 3000 patrons of all ages participated in the day of service at New York Libraries. From in person to virtual to hybrid programming, communities looked to their libraries to Give Back.
445: Many younger library patrons need community service hours for school, clubs, or extra curricular activities. During The Great Give Back, 445 community service hours were granted.
80: Participating libraries partnered with over 80 different local and national organizations including (but not limited to) Long Island Harvest, Books in Kids’ Hands, Mary Brennan INN, and Birthday Wishes.
20,000: Over 20,000 items were collected and donated during The Great Give Back 2021. Libraries ran drives for food, books, clothing, toiletries, coupons, and even pet supplies for local shelters.

Let’s make those numbers even higher in 2022! Want to join in the effort? Libraries participating in The Great Give Back 2022 will begin to be posted to this website around July or August, and program details will begin to be posted in September and continue to be added right up until the day itself – Saturday, October 15.

We hope to see you at a Great Give Back 2022 event!

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